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Ethically sourced

We travel around the world to learn about and source the most delicious, sustainable and ethically-grown coffee.

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Small-batch roasted

We test roast and cup each coffee multiple times to find the right profile for our Probat 25-kilo roaster.

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Beautifully prepared

Enjoy our coffee prepared in our cafe and visit our roastery in the oldest train station in the Berkshires.

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Keep it comin’

Get your coffee on repeat and never say “who forgot to buy the coffee?” again. Oh, and save 10% too.


Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity

Slow it down with Chemex

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Shade grown coffee

What it really means. And why it really matters: for the planet, the growers and your morning cuppa.

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Washed vs. Natural vs. Honey

How coffee is processed once the cherries are picked affects the taste in your cup. Which is right for you?

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Three chords and the truth

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