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  • Chemex in Six

    Oh, the simplicity. And it hasn’t changed since its beginnings in 1941. Why should it? Housed in the MOMA permanent design collection and ____. It brews a clean cup due to its thick filter, yet keeps a full body and beautiful notes of the coffee. As minimal as it looks, it’s easy to over-fuss. We’ll try to keep it simple. 

    One: Measure

    The amount of coffee will depend on how you like your coffee and also the kind of bean. But to keep it simple, start with 45 grams of coffee to fill it up to the 4 cup mark on the classic Chemex 8-cup brewer.

    [photo: measuring]

    Two: Grind

    You’ll want to grind a little bit courser than you would for regular drip coffee. Experiment till you get it pouring just right, then set your grinder and put a lock around it.

    [photo: hand with grinds]

    Three: Prep

    It’s really important you use the Chemex filter. It’s a triple bonded filter that makes a Chemex, well, taste like a Chemex. And it comes in a square. So what to do with that? Open the square so triple-ply side is facing the Chemex spout. Saturate the filter with warm water (this serves to heat the glass too), and then discard the water through the spout. Then put your grinds in the filter and give it a little tap to settle it (we keep felt under our Chemex)

    [photo: saturating the filter]

    Four: Bloom

    Here’s the fun part. Start from the center and work your way outward, pouring just enough water to see a “bloom” (the coffee expands—some origins more than others—allowing it to de-gas and unlocking the best of the coffee flavor), but not enough to see much water filter through it. Let it sit for 45 seconds. This makes sure that, when you go for the pour, the grounds will be evenly saturated.

    [photo: the bloom]

    Five: Pour

    Start pouring from center outward and spiraling back inward. Go about halfway up the filter with the water and let the coffee run through. Then, repeat until water reaches the bubble on the side. This should take 4-5 minutes. If it takes longer, make your grounds courser to speed it up; if shorter, then make your grounds finer to slow it down.

    [photo: pouring right before rim of filter; or show the bubble on the side]


    Six: Drink

    Pour into your favorite cup, sit back and enjoy. We tend to drink ours all in one go, but it you want to keep it hot for later, use a warmed thermos.

    [photo: pouring into a six depot cup]


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