Chemex in Six

Chemex in Six

At home, we grind our coffee and make a Chemex every day. It’s one of life’s small and greatest pleasures: to smell the ground coffee (perhaps coffee never smells as good as when it's freshly ground) and slowly take our time pouring. If you like a clean cup that really highlights single origin coffee, this is your method.

  • No. Six Depot coffee
  • Chemex coffee maker
  • Chemex filters
  • Scale
  • Grinder
  • Kettle (preferably gooseneck)

The Steps

1: Rinse the Chemex filter and place it into the Chemex coffee maker making sure the thicker side of the square (3-ply) is on the side of the spout.

2: Weigh 46 grams of coffee beans, grind them medium to course and pour the ground coffee into the filter. Then give it a gentle tap to settle the grinds.

3: Boil 700 grams of hot water water to 195-205 degrees. Set your Chemex coffee maker on your scale, tare to zero, then do the bloom pour, which means you want to just wet the grounds with only about a 100 grams of water.

4: Watch your coffee beautifully bloom (if it’s fresh, it’ll expand) for 45 seconds. Yes, you did that.

5: Then add more water to 300 grams on your scale, pouring in a circular motion starting at the center; continue to add more water as it filters through (you should be adding about 200 grams of water each minute).

6: When you’ve poured the last of the water and it’s filtered through, pour and enjoy. (From the first bloom pour to the end should be about 4-41/2 minutes.