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Ethiopia Amaro Gayo + Colombia Campesinas

A special gift for your favorite coffee lover, female, lover of females or all of the above. A box with two coffees grown and produced by women farmers/producers or women-owned co-operatives. These women are leaders in the cultivation of beans and in investing back in their communities. Both are fair trade, shade grown and superb. One is washed for a cleaner, citrus-toned coffee; the other natural, for a more berry-noted result. All proceeds go back to their communities toward clean water, healthcare and education in their communities.

Two 12 oz. bags of coffee (we only offer whole beans) in a beautiful gift box with a custom letterpress gift card (please use the "Notes"  section if you'd like us to write a gift note), and a card describing the coffees in the series.

  • Ethiopian Amaro Gayo Asnakech is one of the most revolutionary figures in Ethiopian coffee today. And not just because she's the only woman mill owner and exporter. Native to the Amaro Mountain region, Asnakech returned in 2005 with ambitions to improve both the quality of Ethiopian coffee and the lives of those who grow it. Enjoy this natural coffee with a chocolate-y base with pronounced blueberry notes.
  • Colombia Narino Campesinas Narino Excelso started by Ligia Ruano, manages 5,000 coffee trees in her high mountain coffee farm, incorporating 24-hour fermentation followed by drying the beans in revised parabolic beds. Enjoy this complex, washed Colombian with chocolate, caramel, lime and orange notes that make it come alive.

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