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  • The Solid Sound of Deep Sea Diver

    So, yeah, we're more than a little excited to be working with MASS MoCA at this year's Solid Sound Festival 2017Wilco's Music and Arts Festival running June 23rd-25th at MASS MoCA. On June 3rd at 8pm in our gallery, come for a screening of the Solid Sound documentary "Every Other Summer" where we'll be giving away free merch + 3 pairs of passes to the festival.    AND we got to interview Jessica Dobson-Mansen of Deep Sea Diver, of our favorite bands who'll be playing this year. If you don't know them, check'em out.  And the interview.
  • Julie Shapiro, Locations

    Julie Shapiro's "Location" exhibition of paintings will be in the gallery from June 16th - July 31st. The work is inspired by the geography that surrounds her, including our beautiful Berkshire landscape. We are so pleased to be showing her work and included in her impressive list of exhibitions and accomplishments. Please join us for an artist's reception on June 16th 5-6:30pm. 

  • 30under30

    We are so pleased to announce a multimedia exhibition featuring the work of thirty young artists hailing from or currently living in or around the Berkshires. The Berkshires, at large, are replete with young talent that goes underrepresented in the public sphere. This show creates a forum for this work to be shared.
    The show will run from March 16th, 2017 - April 30th, 2017, with an opening reception on March 19th from 4-5:30 p.m, with refreshments and live music.
    During the show, several live events will be held including live music by Nico Wohl and Julian Weisman at the reception (March 19th), a poetry reading by Steven Amash (April 2nd), a musical performance by Haux, and Simon McTeigue (April 8th), a Theory Kitchen tasting menu by Theo Friedman (April 14th and 15th), INKLESS storytelling (April 22nd) and a collaborative dance performance by Emily Glick, Mika Mintz, and Lexie Thrash with digital design by Sam Okerstrom-Lang (April 29th).
    30under30 is a colorful display of the young talent found right here in the Berkshires. The show exhibits a vast spectrum of creativity via a motley collection of artists and art forms including photography, painting, sculpture, dance, music, poetry, digital design, and more. The work ranges from an exploration of the female form culminating in drawings by women from around the globe to an investigation of something ruined and the crisis in a moment. Some work seeks to uncover the nuances of mundane processes. Other work seeks to question that which makes us human. As a whole, 30under30 showcases the remarkable creative versatility of our local youth.
    30under30 will run through April 30th, 2017. Most of the artists will be present at the opening reception on March 19th, from 4 - 5:30 p.m., with live music by Nico Wohl and Julian Weisman. Gallery hours are 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. every day. For additional information, please contact Mika Mintz by email at, or by phone at 413.717.0384.
    We will be updating this page with details on each event, so make sure to check back in. You can also go to the Facebook page.  #30under30
    Photo Credit: Abigail Fenton
  • Mountain Sea Salt - Unearthing the past

    All salt comes from a salted body of water, be it sea or salt-water lake. Most of No. Six Depot sea salts come from the sea—Trapani from Sicily, Fleur de Sel of Guerande, Hawaiian Hiwa Kai--and through wind, salt and the industrious hands of man who funnel the sea water into ever narrower pools, we arrive at salt. But there are also mountain sea salts that, well, are found nowhere near a body of water. Or at least a present-day one…

  • The Tri Hita Karana of Bali Blue Moon

    Balinese Blue Moon is a rare coffee from the volcanic highland area of Kintamani on the Indonesian island of Bali. It is grown by smallholding farmers who follow the Hindu principle of “Tri Hita Karana”  (the three sources of happiness) :  harmony with god, harmony with fellow man, and harmony with the environment.

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