Rose Congou

Rose Congou
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Origin: Fuijan Province, China

Class of tea: Black

Process: Flowery orange pekoe and blended red rose petals 

Tasting notes: Smooth, floral, aromatic

How to steep: 4-5 minutes @ 205 degrees

For hundreds of years, the Chinese have scented their teas by layering fresh blossoms of rose, jasmine, lychee between layers of black tea. The tea and blossoms are stacked and restacked multiple times in traditional wooden chests allowing them to ferment and blend together. Often referred to as the "Lotus Tea," our China Congou is made from the finest black tea (2 leaves and a bud) and red rose petals to produce a naturally smooth, aromatic, floral tea. PLEASE NOTE: NOW SOLD IN GLASS JARS.


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