Pu-erh Tou Cha

Pu-erh Tou Cha
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Origin: Yunnan Province, China

Class of tea: Pu-erh

Process: Leaves from ancient tea trees, fermented and aged

Tasting notes: Earthy, umami, full-bodied

How to steep: 2-4 minutes @ 190-205 degrees

Pu-erh is highly-prized tea from the Yunnan Province that is fermented, formed into "cakes" and aged to mature over time. Maintaining the Pu-erh tradition of being sold in various shaped cakes, this tea has been compressed into small, individual, bird's nest shapes, known as Tuo Cha. When brewed, Pu-erh Tuo Cha yields a dark, full-bodied brew that has a unique fermented and earthy aroma taste. It retains its flavor through several infusions very well, with each "nest" making approximately 16 ounces of tea. 

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