Kenya Nyeri Hill AA

Kenya Nyeri Hill AA

Process: Washed, patio dried

Variety: Arabica LS-28, SL-34, Bourbon

Altitude: 4,500-6,000 feet

Tasting Notes: Juicy-fruited cup with brilliant acidity and dense underlying sweetness

Nyeri Hill is one of the earliest coffee states in East Africa and is run by the Catholic Archdiocese of Kenya, founded in the late 1800s when Kenya was still under British rule. The cooperative of small farms, situated on high altitude plateaus, bring their coffee together to be sorted in mills using the highest quality sorting (AA). This Kenya coffee is like no other, with strong berry notes, deep fruit, and sweetness that are then balanced with a super bright acidity of grapefruit or lemon. Although we love this coffee as a pourover, the medium body also works well for espresso for those who like a brighter, wilder shot.  

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