Guatemala Finca Valparaiso

Guatemala Finca Valparaiso

Process: Washed & Patio Sun Dried
Variety: Caturra & Bourbon
Altitude: 5,000 ft
Tasting Notes: Berries, Chocolate, Citrus

Finca Valparaiso is owned by Ernesto Perez Lima, the 3rd generation of a traditional coffee producing family. For half a century it has showed the world the superb quality of the Acatenango region and has built a reputation by earning many awards, including the Guatemalan Cup of Excellence.

The Perez Lima family meticulously selects the ripe cherries to be depulped and then traditionally washes them at the farm’s wet mill. Each batch is cupped after being sun dried at the patio, then stored for 8 to 10 weeks to give the coffee proper rest.

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