Who We Are

Flavio Lichtenthal, Roaster and Co-Owner

Flavio's love of coffee began at 13 in the pool halls of Buenos Aires, his native city. These dark places, filled with men arguing about the latest soccer trade while drinking dark espressos, held a greater fascination for him than 7th grade algebra. 

Years later, a singer-songwriter in New York, he supplemented his income by working in some of the cities’ most successful restaurants, including Carmine’s and Al di La in Brooklyn. There, his love of food caught up with his love of music. 

Twelve years ago he and his family left the city and moved to the Berkshires, settling in at Gould Farm where they both lived and worked on the farm. As chef, he was graced with the freshest food imaginable—grown on the 650-acre farm of vegetable gardens, dairy operations, cows, pigs and chickens, a bakery and even a roadside diner. Here farm-to-table was table-in-farm. 

Coffee roasting became the natural outcome of his love of cooking and his love of music. He approaches roasting like cooking, using intuition, eyes, smell and ears; and he approaches blending beans like mixing music till it has just the right amount of bass and treble.

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Lisa Landry, Co-Owner, Gallery Manager and Tea Importer

They had her at “Prendiamo un bel’ café” (let’s have a beautiful cup of coffee). Living in Italy and working at the RAI, Italy’s broadcasting station, coffee was ritual and survival. They were right. It was beautiful. Baristas hand-pulling espressos on gorgeous lever machines, clinking cups on a zinc bar, and jostling customers making pronouncements on the ristretto or the crema. 

Her love of tea began in India in the beautiful tea gardens in the foothills of the Himalayas and humble roadside tea houses. It grew in Turkey where tea, served in lovely tulip glasses, is seemingly everywhere, from taxi stand to impossibly small tables in doorways to gardens dedicated to tea and backgammon. 

It’s these feelings of communal life and simple sharing she’d like to bring to Six Depot—a place for people to come together, discuss the trivial and profound, debate and laugh, play music and backgammon. She also opened Six Depot Gallery which houses changing art exhibits, concerts, dances, films, parties and more.

While the wonderful food, coffee and tea is one thing; the coming together makes it art. 



The team

We'd be nowhere without our dedicated and talented team of cafe, operations and wholesale managers; our chefs, baristas, roasters, packagers, shippers, etc. that make it all happen day in and day out. In the warmer months, we add a core group of teachers and college and high school students whose academic calendar coincides with our seasonal business when things ramp up at summer venues and markets.


Probatino and Probatone

Meet our vintage Probat 15- kilo roaster. A German-built, old-school hand-roasting machine built like a tank with the highest quality, solid parts that are sure to outlive us all. Lovingly restored with precise instruments and pieces, we are proud to have Probatino as our partner in the pursuit for the most amazing roasted coffee.  We also roast on a beautiful new Probat 25-kilo roaster which sits in its new home in the roastery on the north side of the train station. Come by and say hello. We roast Monday through Friday. 


Victoria Arduino

A lot of thought went into which espresso maker to get. When we tried the classic lever, we were done. Its elegant simplicity, its need for a skilled hand and a strong arm, and its amazing cup did us in. We were drawn to the hands on approach and the art of it vs. the ubiquitous push button technology. And then there was the fact that there's no better way to pull an espresso. Some will argue, but even high-tech espresso manufacturers admit to trying to mimic the technical specifications that come naturally from the mechanics of the spring piston lever. Despite its simplicity, the lever is widely recognized to deliver the creamiest crema, best buttery mouthfeel, highest amount of solids, oils and fats in the cup. In short, the most delicious cup. 

Then came, which lever? We went with the storied Victoria Arduino--the classic, hand-hammered, manually assembled leader since 1905. It is a part of history--gracing the best coffee bars throughout the 20th century, home to Picassos and Hemingways--and part of the future, where more and more quality-obsessed cafes are choosing to give up the push button and hand pull their espressos. Sure, we're sweet on Victoria. How couldn't we be?




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