The Town

Since you may have to go out of your way to see us in this corner of Western Massachusetts, we wanted to point out a few reasons why West Stockbridge--the sweetest village in the Berkshires--is way worth your while. 

A river runs through it

Really. The Williams River meanders, turns and falls right through the center of the town, past a mill, into a pond and under walking bridges. Explore more nature with beautiful hikes, walks, ponds and rivers for kayaking and even a beautiful spot overlooking Stockbridge Bowl at Olivia's Overlook.

The history is rock solid

West Stockbridge was one of the earliest towns, with one of the earliest rail lines We've got Baldwin's, the oldest, family-run hardware store in North America (and, yes, it's still in the same family); with Baldwin's Vanilla Extracts (same family), in continuous operation since 1880. And then there is the Historic Society, whose active membership, just renovated the Old Town Hall and has theatre, concerts and art exhibitions. Check out the video.

Art and culture, outside and in

There's Turnpark Sculpture Park, showcasing international sculpture over 14 acres of old marble quarries with hills, meadows, ponds and amphitheater and a 45-foot rock face drop. National Geographic photographer, John Stanmeyer's gallery, Diana Felber Gallery and our own gallery. And be sure to visit the greatest little bookstore or new, used, rare and out of print books lovingly curated at Shaker Mill Books.

Real stuff is made here

Hotchkiss Mobiles (making mobiles for Guggenheim, National Gallery and MOMA), Skaker furniture makers, coffee roasters, vanilla extract makers, potters, marble masons, bakers and more; Shops with rare finds from Sandy Klempner, Equator and ; a Thursday afternoon Farmer's Market; and French, Vietnamese, wood-fired pizza and BBQ. If you need to stay the night, you can do no better than the Shaker Mill Inn

Somehow, it's on the way to everywhere

Just a few minutes from Kripalu, Tanglewood, Hudson Valley towns, Lenox, Stockbridge and Great Barrington. And right off the Mass Pike as well.