Third Annual: Thirty Under Thirty Arts Festival

We are pleased to announce the third annual 30under30 group exhibition, featuring the multimedia work of 30 artists under the age of 30 living in and around Berkshire County. Continuing the tradition of previous shows, 30under30:3 creates a space for young, often underrepresented artists to showcase their work. The show will run March 1st– April 15th, 2019, with an opening reception March 3rd, from 4pm – 5:30pm.

Pole, pull, pool by Abigail Grix

30under30 is a varied and multi-dimensional exhibition of mediums and styles. Photography, painting, and sculpture mingle with weaving, mixed media, and dance, creating a provocative mixture of young talent. The show features twenty visual artists: Nami Assir, Beatrice Butler, Lucie Castaldo, Jasper Cole-Kink, Marina Dominguez, Abigail Grix, Maizy Hillman, Miles Kinney, Danielle Klebes, Julia Matejcek, Mika Mintz, Elizabeth Orenstein, Zö Pezzano, Marley Reed, Lucy Rollins, Camille Roos, Rachel Shi, Rachael Warnock, Rowan Willigan, and Ashley Yang-Thompson.

Airavata by Rachel She

During the opening reception Anna Peretz Rogovoy will be performing The rubble and the clang, a durational installation dance performance from 4pm-5:30pm. For more information, check out this press article. 30under30:3 will also present two other live events. March 23rdwill be a night of dance and film featuring performances by Marissa Finkelstein and VEERdance; as well as a screening of ground-swellby JACKS, Allistair Johnson, and Amber Schmiesing. A corresponding sculpture exhibition by Emily Kohl-Mattingly will also be part of the evening, which begins at 7pm. On April 4th, from 7pm-8:30pm, 30under30 will be hosting Jackson Whalan for a night of Live Beat Making to be followed by a Q & A with the artist for interested musicians.

Brothers and Sister by Marina Dominguez

Techno Parade by Danielle Klebes

30under30:3 will run March 1stthrough April 15th, 2019. Most of the artists (and curator Emma Sims-Biggs) will be at the opening reception on March 3rd, from 4pm-5:30pm. The gallery is open 8am to 4pm every day. For additional information please contact Emma Sims-Biggs at simsbiggs@gmail.comor by phone at 413.281.4231; or Gallery Director Lisa Landry at 



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