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  • Mountain Sea Salt - Unearthing the past

    All salt comes from a salted body of water, be it sea or salt-water lake. Most of No. Six Depot sea salts come from the sea—Trapani from Sicily, Fleur de Sel of Guerande, Hawaiian Hiwa Kai--and through wind, salt and the industrious hands of man who funnel the sea water into ever narrower pools, we arrive at salt. But there are also mountain sea salts that, well, are found nowhere near a body of water. Or at least a present-day one…

  • Fleur de Sel Salt. Ready for another passion?

    Most of us are on some kind of budget where we must be selective in our extravagances. Sometimes I just don't want to "refine my tastes." I know certain wines are so much better than others that, if consumed regularly, would ruin me for the more ordinary fare that is more within my budget. As roasters, we know some feel the same way about coffee. We must pick our passions. Luckily, Fleur de Sel (an admittedly expensive salt) is "worth the salt" and, if used properly, within the budget as well.

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