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  • The Burning Question: Washed v. Natural

    Sure you’ve got a lot on your mind—kids soccer schedules, work, summer plans. But every now and then there’s a burning question that just distracts you from—well, the enjoyment of life. We’re here to help. Washed v. Natural? Let’s put this baby to bed.
  • Coffee as Muse -- Call for Artists

    Coffee has always been a muse for artists (think Bach's Coffee Cantata) and revolutionaries (Boston Tea Party & storming of the Bastille, yep, hatched in coffee houses). Now artists are taking inspiration from coffee ephemera (filters, stirrers, to-go cups, spoons and sleeves)--from Miguel Cardona's cup art to the "stirring" sculptures of Jonathan Brilliant to the fine doodles from DrawCoffee.

  • Summer love: Organic Honduras COSMA

    Our mission at No. Six Depot has been to bring community to coffee, to bring the customer closer to the source. We work with some pretty inspirational co-ops and small farmers around the world. COSMA, a small co-op from Honduras is no exception.

  • The women behind Sumatra Ketiara coffee

    The Koperasi Pedagang Kopi Ketiara is a women-run cooperative with nearly 1,000 small farm grower-members who cultivate coffee in the forests of the Takengon Highland (4-5,000 ft. altitude) of Leuser National Park in central Aceh, North Sumatra. But it wasn’t always so…

  • Prendiamo un bel' cafe (or a Valentine to Italy)

    I fell in love with coffee many years ago while living in Rome. Funny thing is that I fell before the first sip. I was working at the RAI, Italy’s national broadcasting company, where coffee was the drug of choice among the journalists. One day, a co-worker said to me “Prendiamo un bel’ café.” Literally: “Let’s have a beautiful coffee together.”

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