And the cafe is (almost) back!

My oh my, it’s been a while. Lots of news below. We hope you read to the end.

The Cafe

Thank you to all of you who ask when we’re re-opening and say how much you miss us. We miss you too. Like a lot of people in the past two and a half years, we’ve been digging deep, asking ourselves what’s really important to us; what feeds our minds and our souls. And what might that be?
Coffee (coffee, coffee) and Community (yep, that's you). We’ve missed the life in the cafe: the music and smells and sounds and your smiling faces. And so—yes—we will be re-opening. We're shooting for the week of June 20th.  But it will be different…

A lot more coffee-focused. We’ll have a full drinks (coffee, espresso drinks and other) cafe, lots of snacks, baked goods, some savories, smoothies and other healthy goodies, but we will not be doing our full menu of panini and salads. We’ll also have full shelves of our coffees and teas, new brewing equipment, lots of merch, new gear and pantry items, and a super friendly and knowledgeable staff (yay for Sophie, Nancy, Lena, Wilder and Maria).



During Covid, we've managed to take coffee trips to Mexico and Colombia and are plotting a trip to the wild coffee forests of Ethiopia this year. Lisa is writing a novel on coffee history, and we hope to do a lot of coffee classes and education on brewing, roasting, and origin profiles. So, yeah. We're into it.

Great Barrington Farmer's Market

It’s so great to see familiar faces and our vendor friends every Saturday. Please come support our local farmers and stroll the market with a cold brew (also hot coffee, lemonades, ice teas, coffee beans and merch). And say hello to  Maria, Paola and Xavi (and Flavio and Lisa). 


Our wholesale business has grown a lot (thank you for all of you who buy us in the stores and enjoy our coffee served in cafes!) and so we did a major renovation to the building while the cafe was closed--taking down lots of walls, building shelves and mobile units. Restoring the old original train station and allowing us to do what we do better. Our wholesale team was incredible throughout the construction and is now taking us to the next level (thank you, Tonito, Paola, Nubia, Fatima and Xavi).

We've improved the building in other ways, shoring up the handicap ramp, refinishing the porch, improving the back parking lot and renovating the cafe to make it a beautiful place to visit, taste, shop, meet friends, talk coffee and learn.


We’ve taken a social media fast, but are excited to jump back in and really use it to tell the story of coffee, highlight the growers, give helpful tips on brewing and connect. If you don’t already follow us on Instagram: @sixdepot. We hope you like where we're going with it.

We have also been working hard behind the scenes (thank you, Sophie!) to up our social game and make our products  available with a click on both Instagram and Facebook as well as other platforms. 

Thank you for being the coolest, most supportive community. Really. You're the best!  


The Six Depot Team

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