Buna, Buna Berkshires

In Ethiopia—the birthplace of coffee—It is a tradition to take a break in the day. To stop whatever they’re doing, make coffee and share it communally. Generally a woman prepares the coffee in the traditional way ---roasting the beans over a brazier, grinding the beans with a mortar and pestle, and boiling the grinds in a clay vessel called a jebena. When it is done,  “Buna! Buna!” the Ethiopian word for coffee is called out. 

The host then pours the coffee moving the tilted boiling pot over a tray with small, handleless cups--never breaking the flow. One extra cup is poured each time. The grounds are brewed three times: the first round of coffee is called tigrinya, the second kale'i and the third bereka ('to be blessed'). Children partake of the third brew.

At Six Depot, we think coffee is triply blessed, as it celebrates the art of those who grow it, those who prepare it, and those who enjoy it. That is what we’d like to offer at Six Depot—a break in the day, a chance to see neighbors and friends and celebrate the beauty of this very social drink we call coffee. Stop by and stay awhile. 

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