• Coffee as Muse -- Call for Artists

    Coffee has always been a muse for artists (think Bach's Coffee Cantata) and revolutionaries (Boston Tea Party & storming of the Bastille, yep, hatched in coffee houses). And let it be known, that Victor Hugo would finish off his drawings with a spray of coffee and sometimes created art from coffee

    Now artists are taking inspiration from coffee ephemera (filters, stirrers, to-go cups, spoons and sleeves)--from Miguel Cardona's cup art to the "stirring" sculptures of Jonathan Brilliant to the fine doodles from DrawCoffee.


    And so… we're calling on all you artists (outsiders, insiders, doodlers, crafters, students, painters, potters, poets, songwriters, all) to use anything coffee-related as an inspiration for art--big or small--to be shown/performed at a big, caffeinated party/exhibition February 8th 3-5pm with prizes, press and more. 

    There are no restrictions other than the finished work should be made out of coffee ephemera or inspired by coffee and be completed by the beginning of February 2015. We've already got responses from a dozen artists (including a school that is participating), so hoping that this will truly be an event. 

    If you're interested in participating, please contact us at: hello@sixdepot.com. And here is some inspiration for you! 


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